Remax Folding Eye Lamp - Best lamp for Makeup artist and Vloggers?

Hey everyone,  today I’m just unboxing and reviewing this very interesting product called the Remax LED Folding EyeLamp another item that I got from Maricel Online Store in Lazada.

Behind the box you will find some of its specifications like it uses direct USB charging, Has three levels of brightness and uses a touch switch technology.

As the name says it is a folding lamp and can be opened 180 degrees so you can actually use it to direct light to your face if you are recording with a web camera or something.
These are the items that you will find inside the box. A standard USB cable, a manual with English instructions, and of course the lamp itself.
As you can see here, the bottom of the lamp has the power switch icon. To turn on the lamp you just need to lightly touch that icon. You can press it twice or three times to make the lamp even brighter.
You may not be able to see it here in the video because my camera adjusts itself depending on the ambient light but this lamp actually is quite bright.

I have to say this is a simple item but I really like it and I can think of a lot of uses for this. This lamp is absolutely portable, light and can run on its own battery. You can easily take it anywhere with you. This is probably useful for web camera recordings and for makeup artists who needs additional lighting.

You can get the product here > Remax LED Folding EyeLamp

Remax Folding Eye Lamp - Best lamp for Makeup artist and Vloggers? Reviewed by Dex dela Cruz on 11:07 AM Rating: 5

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