REMAX CATI 3-USB Port Hub with LAN Adapter Review

One of the most frustrating things about current laptops like the Mac is their lack of LAN ports and USB ports. If you’re lucky enough, yours will probably have 3. But for most people their laptops will only have 2 USB ports. To deal with this, you need a USB hub.

This is my unboxing of the REMAXCATI 3-USB Port Hub with LAN Adapter

I was able to purchase this product through Lazada from Maricel online store, if you’re interested you can find the link in the description of this video.

As you can see here there some written details that you can find on the box. It is very obvious from the photo though that you are getting 3 USB sockets from the port hub with a LAN adapter
There are some more details at the back of the box, what is important to know though is that this is a USB 2 hub not a USB 3 which usually is a lot more expensive in price. But as long as you don’t expect great speeds when transferring large data files this device is more than sufficient for most people.

Once you open the box you will see the device itself and nothing more. No instruction manual, as it is not necessary after all. The whole thing is plug and play.

Lazada Philippines
While the paint job makes it appear like it’s a metal object, it is actually very light and made of plastic. This is not really a complain, I prefer carrying a light USB port anyway specially since along with my laptop I usually also bring my mouse, my power adapter and my 1TB USB drive. The photo that you saw in the outside box is faithful to the item itself.

The first thing I tried with this adapter is to connect it to my Laptop then to a Router through a Lan Cable. I turned off my WIFI and connected to the internet with this device. It works! And I really couldn’t ask for more!

The next test is to connect my 1tb external hard drive and play a movie with it. I experienced no problem at all, and no stuttering whatsoever.

So Is this device right for you? Well if you already find yourself needing more USB ports for your mouse, external USB drive, a laptop fan, and something else, then this device is definitely worth it. Not only are you getting as USB Port HUB, you will also have an additional LAN adapter, useful for those new MacBooks. Most thin laptops nowadays only rely on WIFI and no longer offers LAN connection, so this is a necessity.

If you are interested in this product you can get it here  REMAX CATI 3-USB Port Hub with LAN Adapter

REMAX CATI 3-USB Port Hub with LAN Adapter Review Reviewed by Dex dela Cruz on 11:15 AM Rating: 5

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