Xiaomi Mi Is this the best cheap Apple Airpods Alternative?

With so many Bluetooth headsets to choose from this 2018 should you still consider the Xiaomi Mi headset? And is it actually a good substitute to the apple airpods?

This is my review and unboxing of the Xiamo mi which I got from Maricel Online Store in Lazada

There is really not much details that you can find in the box. Most of what is written behind the box is unfortunately Chinese although you can still see some of the numerical values.
Once you open the box you will find a USB cable for charging, the Headset device itself, replacement earbuds, and a manual that is also all in Chinese

As you can see here it looks like your simple sleek Bluetooth headset. It is colored black which is probably good for most people who prefer subtlety when it comes to the appearance of their gadgets. You will find the power button at the top portion, and the volume rocker near it.
Connecting it to your smartphone is very easy. Just press the top button long enough until you see the blue light blinking which means it is ready to connect. Then turn on your phone look for Bluetooth devices and you should see one that is written in Chinese characters and you should just connect to that.

Lazada Philippines

So I tested playing music from my spotify and I was surprise how loud and clear I can actually hear things. Sure it doesn’t have deep and powerful bass but for a very affordable Bluetooth headset I really couldn’t ask for more. You should remember though that this is a single ear device really meant for taking calls so the fact that it can play music well is actually a good bonus.
Now of course my next concern is whether or not it’s microphone is actually decent.
In the video you will actually here me talking through the Bluetooth headset’s microphone using the voice recorder from my Samsung phone.

Although the Mi headset is not particularly remarkable this 2018, it does it’s job quite well. It is very light but very sturdy too. Talk time is around 4 to 5 hours which is a lot for continuous use. Is it a good replacement for the airpods. If you consider the price which is only a tiny fraction of the amount you will pay for as compared to the apple airpods this is an excellent deal. But you have to remember that you are a getting a single ear device though.

You can purchase this product here > Xiaomi Mi headset

You can watch the youtube Video below >

Xiaomi Mi Is this the best cheap Apple Airpods Alternative? Reviewed by Dex dela Cruz on 7:00 PM Rating: 5

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