The Red Rickshaw - Chinese Comfort Food in Greenfields Square Pampanga

I was with a good friend last Tuesday July 12 in San Fernando Pampanga and we dropped by Greenfield Square. It was my first time there and I was actually quite amazed with the whole commercial area. They have some really good coffee shops and restaurants that can please almost anyone. The entire place was quite charming, and I could imagine that If I were living in the area, you will probably find me in one of the restaurants or shops in Greenfield almost every week.
It was lunch time and my friend took me to The Red Rickshaw. It’s a Chinese restaurant that aims to stay true to the taste of the historic kitchens of old Manila. The place is quite modern and family friendly. It’s not intimidating at all and gives you the impression that you will be able to get satisfying meals here without having to spend a lot of money. In all honesty, it’s been a long time since I last ate at a Chinese restaurant so I was really looking forward to this lunch!
The waiter handed us the menu and I took a quick look at it, but I decided to let my friend order everything since he knows the place really well.

The pictures below are what we ordered.

Cold Cuts Platter – to be honest, even if this was the only thing that we ordered I’d be happy and contented already! I love every single thing about this plate. It’s a combination of something sweet, spicy, and salty! Even with just plain white rice I can tell that I’d be totally happy from the moment this plate hit the table.

Lumpiang Shanghai – Well of course this is a favorite dish here in the Philippines when we talk about Chinese cuisine. I have to admit I am currently writing this review, two days after we went to Pampanga and seeing this photo immediately made me hungry again! This dish is one of the best sellers of this restaurant.

Camaron Rebosado Con Jamon – Now this dish has to be my favorite one! If high blood pressure and cholesterol were nothing to worry about, I would eat this every single day! Seriously fried shrimp and ham goes very well and you just have to try it out for yourself!

Beef Broccoli and Sweet and Sour Pork – Now these are best sellers as well and they are certainly delicious no matter what time of day you eat them or whatever the occasion is!

I really enjoyed my dining experience here in The Red Rickshaw San Fernando Pampanga at Greenfields Square. It’s an awesome discovery for me to find a comfort food Restaurant like this one that reminded me so much of my childhood eating with my family in Binondo. I like that I was able to appreciate each dish individually with their own distinct flavors. They don’t add MSG to their dishes here so you can really tell that they made great effort in making their recipes flavorful!

The Red Rickshaw - Chinese Comfort Food in Greenfields Square Pampanga Reviewed by Dex dela Cruz on 11:36 AM Rating: 5

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