My Favorite Steak in Makati - I'm Angus Steakhouse Review

I have been to I’m Angus Steakhouse before for an event that featured Norwegian cuisine, but never actually tried their regular dishes. Last Friday I finally had the opportunity to visit once again for lunch. I didn’t eat much for breakfast so I was prepared to be served a heavy meal

Ambiance – I’m Angus is a very modern but quite a cozy place to be in at lunch time. As I have mentioned I’ve been here for dinner before, and it has a different feel. Dinner here is a lot formal, but at lunch it’s more of a business casual affair. Once you enter the place, the first thing that you will notice is their open kitchen as it faces the door directly. On the left you will find their bar area where you can also sit down and perhaps have a few drinks if ever you find yourself waiting for a table. They have wide windows that faces the open street and allow a lot of natural light to come in during lunch time. I think this place is very ideal for special occasions like Birthdays, formal or business events, and of course dinner dates! It's also good to know that parking here is free even the valet service!

Price range – the first thing that you should remember is that this is in fact a steak house. Prime steaks definitely don’t come cheap. I could order seafood or other stuff to save money but what’s the point of reviewing a steakhouse if you are not going to order steak right? A good meal here can easily cost you 2000 for just one person. (but that of course may already include your dessert and drink).
Service – This is definitely a fine dining restaurant and the servers are always alert to see if I need anything. I have no complaints at all. As a matter of fact, when I couldn’t decide what sauce I should choose to go with my steak they offered me to sample all of their sauces instead in small quantities.


Appetizer: I’m Angus Special Salad
Is a combination of greens lettuce, arugula, beets, tomato, olives, onions, artichokes, slices of carrots and one green chili pepper that ads a bit of welcomed spiciness. The beets contributed sweetness to the flavor of vinaigrette. Overall, this appetizer really does its job waking up your taste buds to prepare you for the meal ahead.

Main Course: Rib Eye
I ordered this as it was recommended to me by the restaurant manager, and as much as I don’t want to get ahead of you reading the whole content of this review I can safely say I definitely enjoyed this steak and its side dishes.

Baked potato – This was served with sour cream, chives, and bacon bits. It still has its skin on which I liked. You can cut through it easily like butter even with a fork.

Rib Eye Steak – The first bite was just wow!!! Everything about the steak was perfect including the way it was seared. It was like I’ve never had steak before! Love at first bite! It was very juicy and tender; and the flavor filled my mouth! I really needed the wine to keep my mouth dry (I picked a glass of their Shiraz). Though I was able to try out different sauces, Peppercorn was my favorite for this one.

Dessert sampler
I just somehow couldn’t decide which dessert I wanted so it was a good thing that they had this on their menu and you can actually have three variable desserts.

Baked cheesecake – Blueberry was not as sweet as I expected and actually has a hint of something tangy. it was really good!

Mascarpone with passion fruit is simply delightful. it freshens up your palate!

Chocolate mousse – Luscious chocolate… that is dark sweet with the right amount of bitterness. Something that you would crave for when you’re feeling lonely!

  • Easy Parking - Valet Parking is actually Free!
  • Very nice modern ambiance both for lunch and dinner
  • Very ideal for special occasions like Birthdays, formal or business events, and of course dinner dates!
  • Fine Dining Quality Service
  • A wide variety of steak selections, seafood, poultry, and even salads
  • Very clean hotel like restroom (Yes that actually does matter)

The only con I can mention is that you have to be willing to pay a good amount of money for a good steak. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.
This has to be my favorite so far in the restaurants here in Yakal. I can definitely give it a perfect score of 10/10

My Favorite Steak in Makati - I'm Angus Steakhouse Review Reviewed by Dex dela Cruz on 7:59 PM Rating: 5

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