Cape Grim Beef - Pure Australian Organic Beef Now Available In Santis Philippines

May 17, 2016, Tuesday

I was invited to an event regarding the introduction of an Australian beef product line called Cape Grim Tasmania here in the Philippines. Even if you are not a follower of the culinary industry in our country, you most likely know all about Wagyu and Angus beef already. It has been the marketing craze when it comes to restaurants and even some fast food chains for the past several years.

This event was held in I’m Angus Steakhouse and was led by Paul Perez (MLA Country Manager)Cris Jose (MLA Business Development Manager), Matthew Lyne (Managing Director of White Stripe Foods), and Barry Lloyd (Technical consultant of MLA – Meat and Livestock Australia). They explained to us how this particular beef differs from all others in terms of quality standards, nutrients, tenderness, and taste. I’m Angus prepared 3 different courses for us to experience Cape Grim meat.

Before I show you some photos, I think it’s important to present this video first so that you’ll know what exactly is this new beef and why it matters.
Watch this video to know more:

In Summary Cape Grim Beef

•    Comes from Tasmania Cape Grim an island that is well isolated and free from any pollutants.
•    Comes from grass fed and free roaming cattle that live in a perfect environment ensuring that they are always free from stress. These cattle are raised traditionally by families in this region and were not exposed to any antibiotics or growth hormones.
•    Contains higher levels of beta carotene, CLA, and antioxidants which are good for the health.
•    They have good marbling and considerably stronger beef flavor and taste.

Matthew Lyne Explained to us that Cape Grim beef products have a QR code in their labels which you can scan using your mobile phone so that you can trace exactly where it came from and know that it is indeed from a farm in Tasmania.

Now for the taste test.

I actually haven’t reviewed I’m Angus Steakhouse in my website yet, but I won’t count this one as such. This food tasting is mainly for the Cape Grim event.
As earlier mentioned, we tried three different courses.

1.    Cape Grim S-Ox Beef Tenderloin Tartar and Carpaccio served with Richland Pinot Noir 2015
-    This particular course immediately highlighted the taste of Cape Grim beef. It wasn’t a subtle hello, but rather a very strong introduction to what this meat is all about. The texture and the flavors are very notable in a good way. Paired with wine, it certainly served as a good appetizer that will make you crave for more.

2.    Seared Cape Grim S-OX Beef Striploin Steak with potato and mushroom charlotte
– Once again I’m Angus was able to take advantage of the strong flavor of Cape Grim beef in this course. The sauce that they used really brought out and accented the meal. As a matter of fact, even after I finished the meat, I found myself dipping the potato and mushroom charlotte in the sauce as well. Suffice to say, everything worked well.

3.    Beech Wood Grilled Cape Grim S-Ox Beef Rib Eye Steak served with béarnaise, café de Paris & Madagaskar sauce, dauphine potato, market vegetable, and paired with Chateau Tanunda Barossa Tower Shiraz 2012

 – Now this was the course that really let me experienced the tenderness of Cape Grim beef. It was an excellent final course that reminds you that in the hands of a good chef this tender beef can indeed become something unforgettable. The whole plate, including the potato and the sauce, was something I know my tongue will crave for again in the very near future. The wine complimented the steak perfectly, but I couldn’t finish mine anymore since I need to drive back home.

Overall this event had been very educational for me. Cape Grim beef is definitely worth suggesting to my friends who are health conscious and have exquisite taste. I am looking forward to going to I’m Angus Steakhouse again soon to taste this beef once again and create my restaurant review.

In case you are wondering, which you really should be, by the way, Cape Grim Beef is available in the Philippines now in all Santis Delicatessen Branches.

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