2016 TranSportShow - Hot Cars and Hot Girls in SMX MOA

Photos from 2016 TranSportShow at SMX MOA

2016 transport show moa

Alright, suffice to say I dropped by on the 2016 TranSportShow SMX MOA last May 19. This event is still currently going on and you can visit until May 22 Sunday! The Transport Show in SMX seriously has some awesome cars and yes your hot car show models as well. 
Enough Blabbing. I know you came here for the photos! :) 
Sorry not arranged in any particular order, and I'm sure I wasn't able to take enough photos to do this event some justice. You really should go there! Ticket price is just 100 Pesos anyway!

Miranda Aldana 2016 transport show moa

car show model transportshow moa

Oh and by the way, the Transport Show 2016 in SMX also have some goodies that you can purchase for your car like these X12 amplifiers, Proline car stereos, and LED TV monitors, that are surprisingly cheap! You can test out these products to see for yourself how they can compete with the big brands!

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