Be a Better Looking Guy With These 7 Hacks

This is a short awesome video that will actually help you become a better looking guy in just 7 hacks. 

Hmmn.. Let me summarize it for you, so that you won't miss anything.

  1. A guy who holds a guitar case actually is more appealing to the ladies compared to the one holding a varsity bag. – I honestly didn’t know this at all, makes me proud to be musically inclined. :D
  2. Studies show that women find men more attractive when they wear red. This color shows confidence, power and status. – I don’t have a red shirt, but I hope a red jacket will do.
  3.  Be sure to always smile – smiling makes you instantly more attractive. Women associates someone’s happiness with their attractiveness. – So logically speaking, if you look happy, it must be because your handsome J
  4. Keep your arms to your side – crossing your arms means you don’t want to be approached and will make you look like a snob – as such no one will really want to talk to you.
  5. Actually think about the way you text – Bad grammar is unattractive to both sexes. Type using real words and not jargons or shortcuts. And you should use more emojis as this actually leads to more sex… well that’s according to a study.
  6. You want the perfect wingman? Get a dog! A dog is better than any wingman because pets are associated with a nurturing personality, and actually shows that you can commit to something. 
  7. But if you really need a person as wingman, you should consider a wingwoman instead! Guys surrounded by a couple of women are instantly more attractive to girls.

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