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“We don’t do SEO, we don’t do direct emails, we don’t build websites, and we are certainly not in the business of Adwords!!! 

We focus on what we do best – Social Media Marketing & Management! 

If you are looking to make your Social Network accounts more lively and actually visible to your potential clients and customers, you have come to the right place! Contact us now, send us an email at marketingsocialbridge@gmail.com or text us at 09175279477.”

Jade Furuta
Social Media Marketing Specialist
My name is Jade Furuta, and I’m representing Social Bridge Marketing in the Philippines. We are Social Media Marketing Experts, who are passionate about helping businesses like yours, grow and expand online.

Did you know that the Philippines, is the MOST Social Media Engaged country in the world? Nowadays, people would rather check their smart phones than read a magazine in their spare time. This where their attention is mostly focused on. Not on the television, radio, newspapers, or magazines.

If you use the right techniques with social media websites, this could be your big chance to stand out, and get true quality exposure for your company. 

Still Wondering If Social Media Really Matters? Checkout the Statistics Below:

Businesses on Social Media - Statistics and Trends
Infographic by- go-gulf.ae

Are You Ready To Enter The Social Media Marketing World?

Contact us now at marketingsocialbridge@gmail.com or 09175279477
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