Eight Reasons Why #AlDub is So Popular

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If you are like me, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about AlDub. This noontime show segment has been going on the past months on Eat Bulaga and has become a huge sensation. Transcending age, economic status, and educational backgrounds, this tandem has taken the country by storm. Even OFWs and foreigners are said to be in on the fun.

While non-supporters do not understand why this duo has such an avid following, many insist that they’re doing something right to get such devoted supporters. Over six million tweets is no joke, after all.

So, exactly what about AlDub and its “kalyeserye” makes it tick? What is all the rage and madness about? Here are eight reasons why fans are going gaga over AlDub.

1.    Yaya Dub is talented and down-to-earth. The “leading lady” in this “love team” is played by Maine Mendoza, an internet sensation made popular by her “dubsmashes.”  While she’s pretty and smart, she doesn’t mind looking wacky for the audience, often flashing her signature flared nostrils while she lip syncs to various tunes. Though some people don’t get it, many fans find her adorable and accessible. Her humor has endeared her to fanatics and has certainly added to her overall charm. No doubt, Maine’s own social media following prior to joining Eat Bulaga had a huge influence on the kalyeserye’s popularity and success.

2.    Alden’s good looks. Period. The kalyeserye’s “leading man” is played by matinee idol Alden Richards. One look at this guy’s mestizo good looks and it’s easy to see why all the girls (and gays!) are going crazy for him. No one can escape Alden’s boy-next-door charm and way-to-deep dimples, now called the “Pambansang Dimples.” He is very easy on the eyes and quite a gentleman, too. While some say that the kalyeserye breathe life into his seemingly lackluster career and given him a platform to shine, most fans claim that it was Alden’s beaming smile and boyish appeal that ignited the AlDub spark.

3.    Yaya Dub and Alden’s chemistry is palpable and infectious. If there’s one thing that gets fans excited about AlDub, it’s the sincere giddiness or “kilig” that the two give off every time they come face to face with each other – whether on split screens or in person. Fans say that they can feel the tickled and thrilled tension in the air. It’s overly obvious in their crinkled eyes and smiling lips. Something that, most supporters say, can’t possibly be scripted. This sincerity adds embers to the duo’s budding romance.

Apparently, Yaya Dub revealed that she had a long time crush on Alden. The first time she found out that Alden was watching her from the studio as her segment aired live on-location, she got flustered and went out of character. The audience was surprised to see her shift from a snobbish, grumpy nanny to a blushing schoolgirl who couldn’t contain her thrill. That encounter led the naughty Eat Bulaga Dabarkads to tease them. Soon, the duo started exchanging written greetings between split screens. When viewers realized that they have never seen each other in person, everyone instantly became curious to see how their budding relationship would develop. The fact that there was some truth to the “crush”, at least from Yaya Dub’s side, made it more exciting. Fans grew by the number when Alden started getting comfortable with their daily split screen interactions and started exchanging love song dubsmashes with Yaya Dub. AlDub became an exceptional love tandem unexpectedly. Unlike other love teams, fans feel nothing but sincerity and an overload of true kilig. It was not born out of a gimmick and supporters feel that theirs is not an act at all. Add the fact that they also look quite good together. Overall, Yaya Dub and Alden’s chemistry is the essential ingredient to AlDub’s success.


4.    JoWaPao, the funny trio, provides great support. JoWaPao stands for Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros, the longtime on-location hosts of Eat Bulaga’s “All for Juan, Juan for All” community portion and “Sugod Bahay” promo. More than being funny hosts themselves, this trio plays the various characters that spin the kalyeserye – from Manalo’s Frankie Arinolli to Bayola’s Lola Nidora and Daris. They deliver lines on the button and are great improvisation actors. More than anything, they have great comedic timing harnessed by years of constant interaction with each other. Needless to say, the wit and versatility of this trio keep the audience glued. This kalyeserye wouldn’t have been a success without their gift of gab.

5.    The format is a novelty. Count on Eat Bulaga’s main hosts, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey De Leon, plus their creative team, to come up with fresh ideas consistently. At a time when noontime variety shows have run out of ideas and possibly hit a stalemate, this innovation is a welcome treat. It’s a breath of fresh air in a TV industry that has used the same formulas time and again. Call it perfect timing or genius, Tito, Vic, and Joey surely know how to read an audience’s pulse, ride the wave, and make it shine. Even when it seems accidental, random, and totally unplanned, they know exactly when something is worth pursuing.

6.    The storytelling is spontaneous and entertaining. While fans are sure that a storyboard exists, the absence of a defined script adds to the segment’s appeal. The story flows well and keeps everyone guessing. People wait for the development of Yaya Dub and Alden’s romance just as much as they anticipate the antics of JoWaPao. Even the casual remarks of the studio hosts add to its charm and make the segment’s events seem spontaneous and unexpected. Whether comedy, drama, or suspense, the kalyeserye has all the ingredients of great entertainment.

7.    The stories are relatable and, though funny, impart a lesson. Everyone can relate to the joy of a “crush” or the beginnings of love. We’ve all been through it and the giddiness it brings is often enough to make everyone smile in recognition. Filipinos are hopeless romantics and love is something we can all relate to. On the other hand, Bayola’s Lola Nidora character used the conservative admonition of “sa tamang panahon” to prevent AlDub’s blossoming romance. While the character initially became the show’s antagonist, many fans – old and young alike – appreciated the lesson it taught today’s love-hungry youngsters. As Phil Collins sang, “you can’t hurry love.”

8.    It is a stress reliever. It may be the sign of the times but the fact is people are hungry for anything that can take their minds off life’s daily stressors – whether it’s traffic, a horrible boss, or unrequited love. AlDub gives people a funny and free escape. The show has achieved its aim of delivering wholesome entertainment on many levels. The randomness, incoherent story line, and senseless antics, often lost on non-supporters, make it perfect for this new genre called the kalyeserye. It is the perfect fusion of the variety show and the teleserye; a welcome break from TV’s usual sob stories or depressing news. Simply put AlDub’s magnetism lies in the good cheer and good vibes it brings.

I’m curious to know how long this kalyeserye will hold its viewers’ attention and how it will ultimately end. For sure, Eat Bulaga will milk it for all its worth and rightly so. Until then, let’s allow the fans to enjoy the respite it gives. An entertained public is a happy public, after all. And we can all certainly use a good laugh.

Written by Mayumi

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