10 Things You Need To Know About Dating an Independent Woman

Admit it or not, there’s something alluring and irresistible about independent women. They can come on strong and intimidating, yes. But in reality, they are the best kind of women to love and be loved by, especially if you’re after a long-term relationship. For one, they know what they want. For another, they know how to get it.

The question is, as Sheryl Crow asks of men, “are you strong enough?” Remember, these types of women are often fierce, smart, confident, and open to most anything. However, they aren’t the type to be dependent and are highly unlikely to mope and wait for you either. Dating an independent woman has its challenges. If you intend to keep one for yourself, you better know a few things. You should prepare if you want a woman who has her life together.

1.     She has standards. Don’t expect her to act like your financer, mom, or babysitter. Get your act together and you’ll keep her attention and respect. She needs a strong man who has his life together, who upholds independence, and who can meet her needs. Intelligent, refreshing, and stimulating conversations, included. Remember, an independent woman does not settle. She would rather be alone and happy, than be with someone and lonely.

2.     She has a career. An independent woman doesn’t work; she builds a career centered on her potential, passion and purpose. It is her way of pushing for women empowerment. Learn to accept that her professional life is important to her, and may even be more demanding than yours. Support her at all times and let her “can do” attitude rub off on you. Before long, you’ll be just as comfortable in your own skin.

3.     She has a life of her own. Don’t expect her to be at your beck and call. She will not always be quick to take your call or respond to your messages because she keeps a tight schedule. She will respond when she can. She will not wait for you, either. If you don't text or call her, she can and will make plans of her own.

4.     She needs alone time. You don’t have monopoly over hobbies and nights out with the boys. She will demand her pamper me days and girls’ night out, as well. If she’s a truly independent woman, she has her own life and will need to unwind, too. She had a life before you and will have a life after you. Don’t fret and take it personally, though! She’ll be back. Let her live the life she shares with you and you’ll have her gratitude.

5.     She expresses care and affection. Contrary to popular belief, an independent woman is not scared to show affection. In fact, she loves to show how much she cares. Just don’t tie her down, be dependent, clingy, jealous, or needy. Otherwise you’ll spoil the fun.

6.     She has opinions and she’s not afraid to voice them out. She will appreciate constructive arguments and will do her best to see your opinion. Just remember to see her perspective, too. She also sticks to her word. This level of commitment shows how committed she is to you and your relationship, as well. It all makes everything sweet and worthwhile.

7.     She doesn’t play games. Mind games aren’t for ladies. Real women say what and how they feel. They say it as it is. Dilly-dallying is a waste of precious time. She will not put up with games and bullshit, either. She will not allow shit from you, your family, your friends, or anyone else for that matter. This can be quite intimidating. However, when you fall for an independent woman you’ll have a loyal ally and lover for life.

8.     She can solve her problems. She does not need you to be a problem solver or to handle her concerns. Damsels in distress are trapped in fairytales. An independent woman is grounded on reality and knows how to handle the consequences of her actions. Respect her decisions and her choices and she will respect yours. She can deal on her own. This does not mean that she will never need your help, though. And independent woman knows when she needs help and will ask for it. Until that time, let her deal with the situation.

9.     She has her own money. Independent women can take care of their needs and wants. They aren’t scared to spend for their man, too, once in a while. They are affectionate that way. Bottom line, you’re not expected to pay for her all the time. That should be a perk, more than anything, right?

10.  She may want you, but she will never need you. Remember that an independent woman can always, always walk away if things get bad. Her love for self, her sense of pride and high self-esteem protects her from insecurity and negativity. If you want to cheat or wander, go right ahead! It will be your loss. When all is said and done, she will count on herself and she will her own back. She knows how to move on, and fast!

So, are your strong enough to handle an independent woman? If not, then you should reconsider. It’s really not as hard as you make it out to be. After all, the perks outweigh the challenges. An independent woman will be as passionate about you and your relationship, as she is about herself. A relationship with this kind will keep you on your toes and give you the time of your life.


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