6 Most Common Reasons Why Guys Unfriend Girls on Facebook

Don’t worry you are definitely not alone on this issue. A lot of girls have been unfriended by guys on Facebook no matter how pretty or friendly they are. Below are some of the most common reasons for this occurrence.

1.    You post a lot of tasteless sexy photos – Sure, guys love sexy pictures, however, if you are posting tons of them without even thinking of what you are actually wearing, where you are taking the photo, what’s in your background, and some other stuff, you might actually be posting photos that are difficult to look at! Selfies inside restrooms are not really flattering, and always remember that being sexy is not all about showing skin. As Ron Burgundy always say, stay classy. :)


2.    All you talk about is your favorite band/actor – it’s okay to be a fan of something, but if it’s all you actually post about on Facebook then it can get pretty irritating especially to those who can’t relate. You just have to remember that not all of your friends like One Direction or Daniel Padilla, so don’t be surprised if some of them starts unfriending you.

3.    You’re a networking freak – Sorry, but the truth is, people don’t want to see networking business stuff on Facebook. It’s simply annoying. Sure you can motivate yourself all you want with quotes from popular networkers or business leaders, but that won’t change the fact that a lot of your friends will start to avoid you now. It’s no longer 2008, please find a better strategy to push your networking agendas.

4.    You’re way too much of an emo – We get it, you’ve been single for a long time, or probably forever; but do we really need to be reminded of your miseries every single day? Try being awesome instead and perhaps you’ll be able to kiss your single life goodbye soon!

5.    You post a huge number of status messages every day – Please stop flooding the walls of your friends with your hourly status updates! Give them space to actually miss you. Not all of them cares about what you ate for lunch. To some people, unfriending you is a better option than seeing your updates regularly.

6.    He doesn’t want to be your friend in Facebook anymore – Seriously, do you really need to overthink this?

  • If he’s your ex then he simply wants to have his own life apart from you. 
  • If he’s your relative, he wants his Facebook to be about friends, not family. 
  • If he’s your boyfriend, he will probably be your ex very soon. 
  • If he’s your crush, he simply doesn’t like you enough and might be afraid that you’re stalking him. 
  • If he’s someone you haven’t met yet, there just isn’t any connection.

Well, those are just the straightforward common reasons why guys unfriend girls on Facebook. And yes, they can work the other way around as well. Do you have anything to add?

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