5 Reasons Why You Shoul Date a Gamer

Believe it or not a lot of people actually spent a good amount of money for consoles especially the PS4 last December. I'm sure most of them are having an awesome time right now playing with their favorite games. However, gamers sure do have a lot of bad reputation. Simply try searching the internet on topics as to whether or not you should date one and you will most likely get a lot of opinions saying that you should stay away from them. In my opinion, gamers are simply misunderstood. Below are some of the reasons why you should give them a chance when it comes to dating or even something more.

1. They are knowledgeable in a lot of things – Although they don’t spend as much time socializing in parties as much as the average girl or guy, gamers are actually quite knowledgeable about a good number of subjects. They can usually tell you what type of machine gun is best to use for a certain distance, the difference between a longsword and a katana, and how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Kidding aside, games are very much into the details when it comes to the theme that they are addressing, making gamers comparable to someone who reads a lot of books.

2. Gamers can wait for you – If you are the type of person who is always late, then you should definitely date a gamer. This girl or guy wouldn’t really mind that you won’t make it on time, as long as you inform him or her that you will be late. Gamers will always find something to do, and you can bet that they have a few applications in their phone that will help them spend their time waiting for you with a smile on their faces.


3. Gamers are romantic – When gamers think of giving someone a present, they know that it should be something that is really unique and meant for that person. Forget about the usual flowers and chocolates; gamers have creative minds and some of the RPG games have thought them how to become a romantic.

4. Gamers are not needy – One of the best things about dating a gamer is that you can be assured that that person will not be needy even if she is a girl. Gamers know the value of “alone time”. They won’t get mad at you just because you needed some time apart from your partner. They understand it, and they too will use that time to focus on the things that they need to do, like finally reaching level 70 on their character.

5. Gamers are low maintenance – you don’t have to take a gamer out for a date all the time. This person can appreciate the simple fact that he or she is with you. Staying at home and having a home cooked meal or pizza and some movies to watch is something that a lot of gamers consider as an awesome date already! The only thing a gamer really requires is your company and your time to play with him or her ;)

And for my final words I would just like to say that Gamers ain't Players! :P - well, generally speaking, that is.
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