Top Games for Galaxy Note 4

I know a lot of people who are currently looking for games for Galaxy Note 4. I recently purchased one as I decided to upgrade my Globe plan. I have to admit it is an awesome device. I haven’t seen it slow down or do something unexpected that can make me regret my decision. So after a couple of days of testing it out I finally decided to look for games. Below is a shortlist of my recommendations.

The Walking Dead
1.            The walking dead android game – this has been around for more than a year now, but it is still awesome. If you love the series and still haven’t played this game then you are missing quite a lot. It’s a story based game which makes you really involved with the characters. The whole game feels like reading a comic book, but with the capability to make the decisions yourself as to how the story should play out. The walking dead episode one is free on android and it looks amazing in note 4!

The Wolf Among us
2.            The wolf among us – from the makers of walking dead, this game is almost the same but with an entirely different story and setting. Interestingly enough it follows Bigby, the big bad wolf of fable town as he solves a mystery murder. The other characters you will find here are Mr. Toad, the Woodsman, Beauty, Beast, Snow, etc…. Do they sound familiar? Yes they are fairy tale characters. Don’t let that fool you though, this game is certainly not for kids.


3.            Counterspy – if you want an action 2d gaming experience then this one is definitely for you. The graphics is awesome and is certainly something that will make you want to play over and over again. It is an action and stealth type of game. It is easy to pickup and you can close it anytime you want. One level will take you about ten minutes to finish.

 4.            Dead Trigger 2 – craving for a first person shooter with zombies? Dead trigger 2 will give you that fix! There is an option in the game to raise the graphic settings to high. If you are playing this on Note 4, high settings is the only way to go! Believe me, you will certainly want to see this. You can also download this for free!

5.            Republique – this game was released on the apple ios last year. I had it in my iPad and it’s definitely worth buying. It feels a lot like a console game. A rarity in the game apps that you usually see. It’s one of the highest rated games out there. This one is something worth buying for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Do you have suggestions for games for Galaxy Note 4? Please leave your comment below.
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  1. I downloaded dead trigger 2 for my note 4! Astig!!!


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