Love me if you dare - Jeux d'enfants

Now that Halloween is over I can finally suggest a movie again that has nothing to do with blood or gore. This time, I’m recommending another foreign film called “Love me if you dare” or Jeux d’enfants. It is definitely quite a charming film and something that you should see with your girl if you want to spend some quality time with her. I got reminded about this film and decided to write about it immediately because a friend of mine was listening to La vi en rose, which happened to be the theme song of this movie.

This movie was released back in 2003 when Marion Cotilard wasn’t a popular Hollywood actress yet. The story however is still very relatable.

It is about two children who became the best of friends and eventually lovers, but not without experiencing the craziness of adulthood and hurting each other both emotionally, and almost physically at times. Don’t worry though, this is not a violent film, and it’s not heavy drama either. It’s a romantic comedy that has the capability to suck you in as if you were one of the characters and you know exactly how they are feeling.

The title is love me if you dare because of the game that the two characters in the film were playing ever since their childhood. The game involves a music box. Whoever has the box can dare the other person to do anything; and that box is then given to the one who completed the dare so that it would be his or her turn to ask something silly from his or her friend. When will the game end? You have to see it to know.

There are a lot of unexpected moments in this film. Some about the awkwardness of adulthood, while others about the seriousness of love. All of them however, are quite enjoyable to see.

I really don’t want giving anything away when it comes to recommending movies, so just please do yourself a favor and see it! :) Enjoy! And do leave a comment for me if you like this recommendation! :)

Love me if you dare - Jeux d'enfants Reviewed by Florence on 9:27 AM Rating: 5

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