Can guys and girls be just friends for real?

While this may be an old topic, the answer for this question is not necessarily an easy one. We all have different experiences and perceptions when it comes to the subject of being just friends with the opposite sex or otherwise known as a platonic relationship. I for one, do not want you to be reading a very lengthy article with regards to this so I will keep my points as concise as possible.  For now my answer would be yes and no. Please read on so you can see my explanation.

1. What movies say – it is very clear in most movies that this scenario is just not possible at all. The main characters often try their best to avoid having a romantic relationship with their friend but in the end love conquers all. Still it may be due to the fact that that exactly what the audience wants to see; what most of us really want to experience in real life.

2. What science is saying - Yes for the girls, but most likely no for the guys – If you’re a girl then scientific research is on your side. Yep you’ve read that right, there was actually a scientific research done on this subject. They studied on 88 pairs of undergraduate student who are “just friends”. They were required to answer questions honestly but in complete confidentiality so that their friend will never know about it.

As it turns out guys are usually more attracted to their female friends even though if the girls do not really view them anything more as a friend. Guys are also more likely to believe that they’re female friend is also attracted to them and misinterpret some things to be more romantic than what they really are.

3. My personal thoughts on the matter – I do have some female friends, however I cannot say that I am really close to them. The only girl that I can consider my best friend is the one that I am romantically involved with. This is because I want to offer my best only to the girl that I truly have feelings for. In my opinion, giving a lot of your time and effort to someone who you consider just as a friend is not realistic. It may be that you are in denial, and in reality you are hoping for something more. Perhaps just waiting for an opportunity.

So can guys and girls be just friends? …. What do you think?

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  1. I'd have to agree with this... It's really difficult being just friends with a girl.. Especially if she expects you to be close with her.. Pero.. Just as friends -_-


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