5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl With Tattoos

It’s almost the end of 2014, and for the past decade it is no longer rare to see a girl with tattoos. Although some guys still can’t wrap their heads with the idea of women embracing skin art, I for one am absolutely loving it! I think it’s awesome. If you have never dated a girl with tattoos, then below are some reasons you should consider doing so!

1. She’s a realist – Although she may still be a hopeless romantic dreaming to find the right guy for her, she knows for a fact that sometimes things don’t go your way and sh*t happens! She can accept mistakes and her experiences has thought her when to deal with them or live with them. Under her tattoo may be a scar she decided to cover up; or she may have an ink on her skin that she regretted having but just learned to love it anyway. She’s not new to the idea that things can go wrong, and she can definitely work with your faults as your relationship grows.

2. She can take care of you – Girls with tattoos are of course very much concerned with their looks. It’s not easy to always look good with your tattoos exposed after all. She has learned how to seriously take care of herself and has the discipline to nurture a healing skin that has just been inked. There is a big chance that this kind of personality will be very prominent in your relationship with her. She will know how to take care of you and be in to the details with your needs.

3. She has a strong character – She’s her own boss, and she’s willful. While there are guys who can’t deal with this, I personally believe this trait is very attractive. She’s not needy, she knows what she wants, and if you can tame her then you will feel like a king with her!

4. She can really commit – a lot of people don’t have tattoos not because they hate the idea, but because they are indecisive with regards to what they want. A girl with tattoos knows how to decide and how to commit to that. Imagine the process of thinking what you should have on your skin that will be with you even as you grow old. This girl can really commit to you if she decides you’re the right guy for her.

5. She’s passionate – Once she knows what she wants, she gets it even if it hurts her, and even if other people disapprove. The passion it takes for something like that is something truly worth experiencing!

Photo by Pablo Docal under CC2 license


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  1. I think women with tattoos = plain awesome! :)

  2. Btw each reasonable point about tattooed women is the same for the 'Ideal Woman' with Tattoo or no Tattoo all women should be having the same qualities, from my experience no all tattooed women are the same as listed up here.

    Nice Article though.

  3. I definitely agree with you brotha! ^ "Btw each reasonable point about tattooed women is the same for the 'Ideal Woman' with Tattoo or no Tattoo at all." I don't think that the qualities listed above are only limited to girls with tattoo. You don't have to have a tattoo to be a realist/to be mindful of others or yourself/to prove that you have a strong character/to prove that you are committed/to be passionate. Any person can be like that. A very biased article I must say.

  4. You failed to mention the most important reason to date a girl with a tattoo. You will without doubt get your dick wet with minimal effort. Girls with tattoos are incredibly alutty and easy to bang. Great article!


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