3 things that Women who are single since birth do wrong

I know a few people who are in their late 20’s or early 30’s who has never had a boyfriend before. Writing this is a bit uneasy for me as it is subject that I know a lot of people are familiar about and can get pretty emotional when it comes to it.

If you are one of these females and you think that it may be already too late for you to find a special someone in your life then you are definitely wrong. However, it can get a bit trickier for you. Most women who still never had a boyfriend by the age of 25 is not necessarily unattractive. The truth is the people I know who are like this are actually quite beautiful. It’s just that they have indeed focused in their careers first, and are now trying to find a guy who are at par when it comes to their personal success or perhaps even a bit greater than them. In other words, their standards can be pretty high. That’s not really a bad thing, after all they do deserve extraordinary people for their extraordinary lives.

Below are some of the common things that these single women share which I think makes it more difficult for them to be in a relationship.

1. The hopeless romantic – They think that love or the right guy for them will come in a sweeping manner just like in the movies. They envision the guy to be someone containing all the qualities that they like and they would just know that he is the right guy. While this is certainly possible,I believe that the right people in our lives do not necessarily have to be perfect at the moment that they arrive. More often than not, when we interact with them our presence in their lives and their presence in ours affect them and us as a person. As such this process can make them the right person for us, and can also turn us to be a better partner for them. What I’m really saying is I guess is that if you don’t give someone a chance just because you see some flaws right at the moment you met him, then you will never see how beautiful that person can be if he is really committed to being with you.

2. Not trying at all – I know that in our country a lot of women still believe in the conservative stereotype. It is the guys who should text or call first, or basically exhibit any prerogative when it comes to interactions between a girl and a guy. I won’t say that you should chase the guy you like, but I will say that you won’t lose anything if you initiate the conversation. A lot of girls fear that their intentions will easily become known to the guy if they text first or initiate a meet up. The truth is, we guys are often clueless about a lot of things as well when it comes to dating, and we seldom read into something unless we know that we have the girls full attention. My advice to the single girl is that you go out there and meet people. You can’t say you haven’t found the right guy if in reality you are just waiting for someone to come along…. The keyword is "find". If you don’t go out as much as you should, then there’s a big chance that you might just settle for someone who comes along even though he might not be right for you.

3. Admitting very early that you never had a relationship before – If the guy really is in to you I know this shouldn’t matter at all. However, please understand that something in us is triggered when we learn a factual information such as this one. It is really more of an instinct rather than a logical response. Our unconscious minds begin to ask questions like "why was she never in a relationship before? Did the guys who dated her in the past found something weird about her?" or "if she’s never had a boyfriend then, what does she expect from me? Does this mean if I become her boyfriend I would have to marry her after a year or two?" I know these questions may sound silly to you. The point is the revelation of the fact that you have never been in a relationship can put a lot of pressure to the guy who likes you.

Think about it. Does it really matter to you If he knows that you have never been in a relationship before? Even if he doesn’t know, you can still have the relationship that you want anyway. You can still talk about what you expect from him and what he can expect from you.

Photo: Girl by Fey Ilya under license CC2
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  1. I guess it's better not to say you've never had a boyfriend..

  2. It's true.. There are a lot of girls who expect they're relationships to be similar to what they see in the movies.... A guy that would sweep them away from the start.. That's what they look for.


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