10 Things Men Do Wrong In First Dates

First dates are always tricky. For us guys we want to appear really attractive without looking that we’ve tried so hard. A date like this will after all determine whatever sort of future you may have with the girl that you like. Below are some things that a lot of people do wrong during their first dates. Yo8u should definitely watch out for them to ensure you can have a second one!
"I never expected our first date will also be our last.."

1. Inappropriate choice of clothing – Depending on the location you plan to date and your itinerary for the evening you should wear something that’s just right for your moment together. Never be too formal and never be too casual. Dating is of course about dressing up to impress, but your social intelligence can also be judged during this time that’s why it’s important to really think about what you should wear. Simply stated, don’t wear board shorts if you’re going to a fine dine restaurant, and don’t wear a suit if you’re simply meeting her inside a mall or a very casual location.

2. Too macho for your own good – Even if you are really manly in character you have to tone down a bit when you’re with a lady. Girls like to see that you have a soft side as well and that
you can act politely and gentle when you are around them. Remember you’re not trying to impress another guy, so no need to show off your alpha male characteristics.

Stare at my eyes
3. Staring at her body but not her eyes – Don’t be a perv on your first date. She may be the most beautiful person that you have seen, but please do yourself a favor and stare at her eyes instead. Girls know when you stare at them inappropriately and this can be quite a turn-off. Staring at her eyes will make her feel that you are sincerely giving her your attention. Of course you don’t have to do this the whole time, because that would also be kind of weird.

4. Showing too much nervousness – She’s human too so calm down and take it easy! Showing excessive nervousness means that you lack the confidence to be with her and you feel that you don’t even stand a chance. While this may sound good in a song or in the movies, the truth is girls don’t really like dating guys who they feel are not at the very least their equal. How can you be perceived as a good match if you can’t even hold yourself together in this situation?

5. Coming up too strong and too fast – A little flirting is always good as it shows that you really are interested with your date, and not just as a friend. However, you should always measure how far you can go and never push too much. You will be perceived as nothing more but a player trying to score.

6. Being cheap – you simply can’t be cheap on a first date, it just something no one should do. It will speak to her like she’s not worth your effort at all. Show her a wonderful time and pick up the bill once your dinner is done. It’s your pleasure to be with her, and she should know that.

7. Checking out other girls while on a date – seriously??? This is the worst mistake you can do in a first date! Not only will you make her feel unimportant, but you will also ruin all your chances with her.

8. Bragging about your wealth – While you may truly be a rich person, bragging about it certainly isn’t welcome during a date. You have to show personality and character without having to talk about how many cars or servants you have in your mansion. Don’t make her feel that she will only like you for your money!

9. Asking too many questions – You should always try to keep the ratio of questions 1:1. This means you get to ask a question, and she gets to ask you back. If you ask too many, it will seem like a one sided job interview. No one wants to be in that kind of situation. You have to know how to hold a good conversation without boring her or making her feel like she’s under interrogation.

10. Not being able to compliment her – while this may sound so simple, there are some guys out there who are simply afraid to give a girl a compliment or don’t know how to. It does not have to be a very complicated or witty type of compliment, it can be as simple as telling her that she looks prettier in person than in her photos. Giving her a compliment at the start of your date can go a long way to your advantage.

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  1. I really loathe it as well when guys tend to brag about a lot of things! This is just not the right way to get girls at all.. and what type of girl do you expect to attract with that kind of strategy?

  2. Hehehe. I told her she was pretty... I lied... Nice gift. :p


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