10 reasons why your smartphone is better than your girlfriend or boyfriend

1. Your smartphone will never lie – Try telling Siri you’re a liar and she will answer you in plain simple words “that’s not true”. Well, Siri does not have a reason to lie anyway plus you can always check on the internet with the WiFi on your phone what really is the truth.
2. You can take it with you anywhere – unlike your previous relationships you can have your smartphone with you wherever you go. It won’t leave your side unless someone steals it from you. At the very least though you can rest assure that it’s not your smartphone’s choice if ever it lands on someone else’s hand.
3. You can tell your smartphone to shut up and not to bother you if you need to work on something – There is always that silent button you can easily push, which I think a lot of people wish that their partners have! Your smartphone will stay silent for as long as you want, and it won’t feel neglected or hurt.
4. Your smartphone can take you places – with the current GPS technology you don’t need a guy or a girl to tell you how to get to one place. Your smartphone can give you the right directions and you will never feel lost again.
5. Your smartphone can make you feel beautiful – There are tons of apps that you can download that can fix your photo for you and make you look and feel beautiful. Your smartphone will never complain about the number of selfies that you take!
6. Your smart phone connects you with friends and potential lovers – Your phone will never get jealous as to who you chat with. As a matter of fact it will provide you with dozens of ways to connect to anyone. It’s your choice! Viber, whatsapp, Facebook messenger, kakao, etc.
7. Your smartphone understands your favorite music – Even if your girl or boy hates what you’re listening to, your smartphone actually organizes your playlist for you so that your most played tunes can be easily accessed.
8. Your smartphone will never forget important dates – may it be the birthday of your mom, or your next dental checkup, your phone will always remind you about important events and schedules.
9. It is most likely the first thing that you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night – let’s face the reality. Smartphones are probably the first thing that you look for and try to grab when you wake up! It is most likely that it is also the last thing that you say good night to. :P
10. You can touch your smartphone no matter when and where – Well that’s supposed to be a joke, but don’t you wish you can do that to your girlfriend or boyfriend?


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