Horror Movie Recommendation - Let The Right One In

When I saw this movie with a couple of friends we didn't have an idea what it was all about. The film is subtitled as it is a Swedish movie but we continued watching anyway. Once you actually begin the film though, you will immediately be drawn to the story and how intense the characters are. It’s a boy meet girl kind of film. Where the boy is a bullied underdog, around 12 years of age; and the girl is a vampire who looks like she’s a kid as well, but has been around for centuries.

Is it a love story? Hardly. This is definitely not your typical vampire film. The movie is bloody and have moments that will truly send chills down your spine. It's not about monsters as well or hunting evil. Depending on your interpretation, it may be about a developing friendship, a sharing of secrets or perhaps something even more. The most puzzling part of the movie is of course the ending. The director successfully leaves you questioning what will be in store for these two characters in the future. Oddly enough, you thinking about it is the scary part. I won't discuss why it's scary. This one you just have to see for yourself!

My rating: 9/10 – Something you shouldn’t miss!

The last time I saw this movie was a couple of years ago. Thinking about it though still gives me the chills. I’ll watch it again sometime this week right before Halloween.
Horror Movie Recommendation - Let The Right One In Reviewed by Florence on 12:03 AM Rating: 5

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  1. There is an American version of this movie... I think it's called let me in. Maganda din


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