Getting Over Your Ex

So she finally left you - Don't shoot yourself just yet. things can get better from here!

Getting over your ex can be a painful process indeed. Often times it will leave you clueless on the things that you should do next when it comes to your life. Watching movies will no longer be the same, and eating in a fine dine restaurant is something that you won't want to do for a long time. It may even feel that your life is ruined.

The good news, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Not long from now you will get your life back. You will be a whole new person again, and you will start to enjoy living a single life for as long as you wish or till you find someone new. Before you get there though, you really have to move on. Below are some of the things that I did that help me get back on my feet.

1.       Time to reinvent yourself – One of the most common reasons why a girl would leave her boyfriend is due to the monotony of the relationship. There is just no adventure anymore for her. She totally got you figured out, and you probably have been wearing the same style of hair and clothing for years now. It’s time to make a change, and the best way to start is through physical transformation. Sure, that may sound shallow, but if you really want to fix what’s inside your mind and your heart, you would first have to change how you look outside and how people perceive you. These things will really help you gain back your identity and your confidence to face the world again. Get a new haircut and study the new fashion trends. You have to look good! The worst thing you can be right now is to look like a gloomy sad person. If your ex sees you like this, the more she will be proud of her decision to leave you. You just have to dress awesome, act awesome, and you will be awesome in no time!

2.       Go get a purpose or a hobby – You shouldn't be thinking about your ex on a daily basis from now on. Your life has a meaning too buddy, that’s why it’s time that you find something to dedicate yourself to like a purpose or a hobby. Join a running team, study cooking if you want to, or get creative and use your talents to start a band like you have always wanted. It’s about you again, and it’s something that you should enjoy. You can start chasing your dreams without having to worry what your partner will think about you. This will not only take your mind off the things that you have lost but will also give you focus on the things that you can have again!

3.       Come out come out wherever you are! – Even if you are not the type of guy who goes out on a Friday or a Saturday night, you should still try your best to have as much fun as you can. Begin to socialize again with other people. Who knows, later on they can  become your new close friends.

Even if you don't want a new girlfriend you should still consider starting dating again. This will help you get back in the game and know how to be a good gentleman once more. This experience will give you good foundations to be able to come up to anyone and start a good conversation.

In the end, you may come to the realization that despite the fact that breaking up is a very painful experience to have; broken relationships truly help us find the better version of ourselves. Now we know why we failed and what to avoid in the future so that we can be a better partner and a better person.

picture by Rob Marquardt under license CC2 

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