Be a New and Better Looking Guy in 3 Easy Steps

1. Wear clothes that fit you nicely – Do you know how you will be able to recognize an Asian man in another country if he is Filipino or not? His clothes. Generally speaking, majority of Filipinos are still very much into American fashion. There really is nothing wrong with that, but I’m talking about dated American fashion from the 90’s or early 2000’s. Most of us still wear loose shirts, baggy pants, and rubber shoes. This is absolutely fine if this is the kind of persona and character that you really want for yourself. Especially if you know how to accessorize to commit yourself to the urban hip hop lifestyle. However, if you are just clueless about fashion and you don’t even know how to properly dress up like a badass, then give it up and move over to the 21st century men’s style.  Give up those loose clothing and wear the right size for you. In case you haven’t noticed skinny tight jeans are popular now even for men.


2. Accessorize – Ever heard of the term “peacocking”? Let’s face it, even if you finally learn how to dress up nicely, there are lots of guys out there who will share the same fashion sense. If you want to get noticed, then you need something that will help you stand out. It doesn’t have to be a big silly thing. It can be a subtle object that will draw attention on you even if you don’t say anything. Examples of these are: cool bright shoelaces (just make sure they go with your style), bracelets, necklaces, scarves, etc. Remember, how the generation who came before us were all about gold accessories and Rolex? Yes, luxury items are a way to peacock as well.

3. Have an inner swag – the best thing you can wear when you show up to a party is your smile! On your way to your event, whether it’s a date or a club night out, listen to some music that will help you boost your confidence. Show up with a smile and own the goddamned place! Tell yourself “you belong here and this is where you’re supposed to be!” This right here gets me smiles from girls and makes my night a lot easier as well when it comes to meeting new people.

Photo by Fiona Garden under license CC2

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