About time

Title: About Time

What it's about - Imagine your dad telling you on your birthday that the men in your family actually have a super power ~ Time Travel. Well not exactly the whole package though. Sure you can go back to your past and change a few things about your life, but you can't go to the future. And no, you can't visit places you have never seen before or try to speak to Marilyn Monroe when she was still alive. You can only go back to your past. As it turns out though, this kind of power can certainly make your life a very meaningful one as what the main character of the movie would discover,

This is not about being a superhero though, it's more of actually living your life.

The script is just brilliant and you will often find yourself laughing with this movie. It sincerely has a heartwarming ending that everyone should see.

My personal rating : 9/10 - close to perfection

Genre: comedy / drama / sci-fi

Definitely a must see for you and your girl! :)
About time Reviewed by Florence on 1:39 AM Rating: 5

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