10 Types of Pinoy Men That Can Be Really Annoying

Similar to my last post about The 10 types of Pinay Girls that can be really annoying, we guys definitely have our own habits too! I have to admit I’m guilty of some of the things that you will find below on some occasions. Again, this article is not a generalization. Not all guys are like these. Yes they may apply to other nationalities as well, and some traits can be seen in women too. The sad truth is a lot of Pinoy Men right now are actually exhibiting these characteristics.  This article is not meant to condemn you. If you think you are one of these, then admitting it is a good thing. At least now you know how you can be better as a person. Below are the 10 types of Pinoy Men that can be really annoying!

1.       Mr. Never shuts up – Alright I totally get it. Most of the time guys have to initiate the conversation so they can appear confident and interesting to the ladies. While this may be true, you have to remember that in order for a good conversation to happen you need at least two people.

Men should never try to monopolize the whole thing. They definitely have to learn how to listen and be genuinely interested about the girl. The most annoying person that you can be on a first date is the type of guy na “sobrang daldal”. This trait shows that you lack manners and that you are more interested about yourself than actually getting to know her.

2.       Mr. Yabang or Mr. Egocentric – This type of guy is usually talkative as well; but even if he is not, when he do decides to open his mouth all he usually talks about is how expensive his things are and what type of car he is driving. Sure some of these may actually be true, but authentically rich people never feel the need to brag about what they have or try to prove themselves to others.
Money impress some people, but are those really the type of people you want in your life? Come on guys please try to develop more character instead of just displaying what you have! Good manners and showing the right etiquette is often more seductive than bragging about your bag, your shoes, and your branded coat. Don’t just suit up! Man up!


3.       Drama King – Yes they do exist! And with the age of social networks, these guys have nothing better to do but to complain and post the tragedies in their lives on Facebook! This is just insane! Seriously, you’re a man! You should face your problems without having to burden other people. The best way to deal with these drama kings ~ hit the unfollow button!

4.       The macho selfie – girls do sexy selfies so why can’t guys do it as well?! The answer to this can be summed up in four words = “You are a guy”. Alright a few selfies in your album is cool but too much of that will make some people think there’s something weird with you.

Fine, you have achieved the perfect body that you want and you probably deserve the appreciation from other people. Still, don’t make that an excuse to take tons of selfie pictures of you half naked in your own room! Go to the beach with your friends; and perhaps have someone take a photo of you holding a surf board or something. At least that’s natural and you won’t look like a creep sending his naked photos to young girls through the internet. 

If majority of your pictures in your Facebook account are selfies, you should probably rethink your life and actually reflect on who or what you are as a person. #justsaying #burn!

5.       The gimmick freeloader – do you have a friend who usually disappears or go to the restroom at the exact time the waiter arrives with the bill? Yes, his most likely a freeloader, and he hangs out with you because he knows he can get free stuff like beers, food, a ride in your car, etc. Is he a true friend? Maybe. But what happens when you don’t have anything to share anymore? To all the freeloaders out there, please know that we know what you’re doing. We just tolerate you. We don’t like you as much as you think though!

6.       The friend zoned Mr. Nice – This guy has been friend zoned too often but still thinks that there’s nothing wrong with him. He believes he’s the perfect nice guy, and that all the women who dated her are crazy and basically b**ches who prefer bad guys.

Okay, let me get this straight. If you are authentically nice, then don’t complain. What’s not for you is not for you. Remain positive and hopeful that the right person will come along. You’re probably like Ted Mosby, and you’ll meet the one when you’re in your mid 30’s. Don’t worry it will still be awesome.

If you have become bitter, and your blaming all the girls out there, then you’re not so nice after all are you?! You’re pushing an agenda, and you’re expecting girls to buy your crap just because you’re nice to them. Girls can see through this, and the truth is they are more defensive when it comes to guys pretending to be nice as compared to guys just showing who they are.

Let me put this in a simple way, guys who pretend to be nice have no identity or character. They simply try to find out what they think the girl wants, and they pretend to be that person.

7.       Mr. Know it all – Yes you probably graduated from a good university, and you were probably at the top of your class. That doesn’t mean you can correct people all the time though, especially the girl you are dating. Relax man, and let girls or other guys be themselves around you. Nobody appreciates a person who acts like he’s right when it comes to everything. Yes Sheldon Cooper’s character is adorable, but in real life that would be sincerely annoying! Let loose, and give up being the grammar checker when it comes to your friends. Try to understand what they are saying instead of just focusing on their choice of words. If you practice this enough, then maybe you will finally be able to learn how to understand women.

8.       The KSP Needy Guy – I have to admit, this is something that is seriously messed up. If you’re a guy and you’re like this, please do yourself a favor and stop it now! What exactly am I talking about? Guys who thinks that all the girls they like should reply to their messages.

Guys like these usually follow people in Facebook who are models or “artistas”. They then message them with a simple hello. When they don’t receive a reply, they send another message again, and again, and again….. After that they finally send a message telling the girl you’re not a nice person after all and even add some insulting words and curses just because they didn’t get a reply. Get over it dude! Just because you were polite doesn’t mean you deserve a reply. Some people just have better things to do than to talk to you, so move on!

They don’t just do this to strangers though, they do this to their girlfriends as well. They expect an immediate reply every time they text the girl. Please realize that you don’t own her. She may be a part of your life, but you need to get a life first before you can include her in it!

9.       Mr. Assumptions – Oh she accepted my friend request she likes me! She replied to my message, she wants to date me! Alright these are probably exaggerations, but there in fact a lot of guys out there who assume a lot of things easily when it comes to relationships. As such they will put on the moves too early by being touchy or becoming annoyingly sweet even if you just met. Making assumptions and acting a certain way because of these notions that you have in mind can be very unattractive. You will lose the opportunity to know the other person better, and to actually let her learn about you more as well. By acting aggressively your relationship will become shallow.

10.   The pride and prejudice – This guy thinks he’s got it all figured out, and the only opinion that matters is his. He will not take fashion advice from his girlfriend, and say no to any suggestions and recommendations as to how he lives his life. Guys, you should realize that your girl wants to dress you up at a times not because you’re their replacement to their childhood dolls, but because they want to look nice with you when you go out together. If your girlfriend is a “fashionista” doesn’t she deserve to be with a guy who can dressed up nicely as well? Even if you’re not that guy, you should be willing to try her suggestions.

This doesn’t just end with fashion sense as well. This can be about music, movies, food, certain habits, etc. Accept the fact that if you are in a relationship, then you are living a life with a partner; and your pride and prejudice when it comes to certain things should be set aside. Keyword “compromise” – learn it and live it and everything is gonna be awesome!

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Photo by Fayez under license CC2

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  1. The KSP needy guy - yes I know a few guys like this! Feeling nila sobrang gwapo nila na kaylangan laging pansinin!

  2. Macho selfie... Hehehe perhaps compensating for something... :p

  3. Mr. Egocentric? Oh i know this type of guy and he is really annoying whenever he had this conversation with us he will always bragged his expensive possessions. Take note including the specific prices but we are not really impressed with it instead it's a BIG turn off. Ew!

  4. Selfie for guys... Okay if in moderation... But should be a lot less than girls.. Otherwise. It's just soo weird!

  5. The Gimmick Freeloader...sobrang nakaka-turn off. hayay!


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